Campaign Details

  • Category :Online food delivery
  • Date :6 January 2021
  • Client :Hamm'er Pizza

Project Brief:

Hamm’er Pizza is a pizza delivery corner established in Hamburg, Germany which provides items like Pizza, Mexican Delicacies like Tarte, Burger, Salad and beverages. Hamm’er Pizza has amazing customer experience and is open from 12 noon to 10 pm daily.


Step 01

About Company

Amongst all the franchise based business Hamm Pizza is quite old school as it was built by the owners who also created the recipes despite initial difficulties. We built the shop ourselves, created recipes ourselves and struggled through all the initial difficulties.


Step 02


The company has delicacies like Pizza, Bun, Burger, Salad, Beverages which one can pre-order staying from home or get it fresh at a restaurant only and affordable prices and good atmosphere.


Step 03


It deals in services where one can get freshly hot pizzas at the vicinity of their homes or can order yummy tartas at restaurants. 

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