Campaign Details

  • Category :CyberTrine
  • Date :31 December 2020
  • Client :CyberTime

Project Brief:

CyberTime2188 ecosystem include NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens), NFT lending marketplace and governance token CTMS. It allows borrowers to put up assets for a loan and lenders to make offers to lend in return for interest. One can look at one’s NFT Portfolio on a real time basis in addition to having unique NFT we provide our holders the opportunity to receive CTMS token as reward.One can lend and borrow NFT at a ease pace too.


Step 01

CyberTime2188 NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens)

Items design changes every 5 minutes.
CyberTime2188 is a unique product:
– Art intertwined with technology;
– The present intertwined with the future;
– Investments intertwined with collecting.


Step 02

View your NFT portfolio

With our real time pricing updates for NFT assets , you can get an accurate view of your entire portfolio in one place.


Step 03

Lend & Borrow NFT

Art and collectible markets in general suffer from less liquidity than fiat , equity or other types of assets. Players might miss out on great opportunities or having to sell too cheap to raise cash. Similarly we feel it is a great opportunity for other users to get a return of their ETH. 

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