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  • Ooptimize your website’s Emotional Score
  • Curate Better Content
  • Identify Entities and organize them on your site
  • Structure your website content into hierarchies

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AI Emotional Score

we optimize your website’s Emotional Score to increase user retention. Using Artificial Intelligence, we read your website’s current sentiment and emotional score in the same way that an actual site visitor would. We use this analysis to give you a baseline AI emotional score.

Organize Content Into Hierarchies

We exponentially increase your ranking by structuring your website content into hierarchies. Here, AI Insider categories your website content. For improved rankings, the top level hierarchy of your business should align with the central focus of your operations.

Organize Site Content Concepts

We further skyrocket your ranking by eliminating any high level concepts that are incompatible with the concepts identified by Google, compared to your central business focus.

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